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* Discover and explore the Strandja National Park, the breathtaking Veleka River and our beautiful nature by hiking, canoeing or cycling!


Strandja is not a commercial touristic destination, but a beautiful and unique adventure.
The complete territory of National Park Strandja is part of the international ecologic network Natura 2000.
3 km to the north from Ahtopol is located Varvara – a favorite diving destination, due to the underwater reefs and dents. 5 km southwards you can find the river Veleka, famous for its water lilies and one of the most beautiful rivers along the Black Sea. The village Kosti, known for its fire dancers, is located near the firth of the river and 3 km to the southwest is the first Bulgarian national wildlife sanctuary Silikosia with its unique flora and fauna.


Over Strandja lies the migration route of many bird species, know from antiquity as Via Ponticа. Every autumn and spring, millions of birds take the long way from their hatching places in north and central Europe to the warmer countries to the south and back.


Fishing, underwater sports, cycling tourism, surfing in the autumn, kayaking on the Veleka river, a boat trip on the sea, long touristic walks or just a calm, family vacation – the choice is yours! Strandja and Ahtopol offer many opportunities for spending your free time! We will gladly help you with organizing the perfect vacation for you and your whole family!

The most abundant fish art in the region is the sprat, which mates in the deep sea. The sprat is one of the main bait for bigger fish. Migrating fish stock, which can be fished near Ahtopol, include bluefish, shad, bonito, horse mackerel, garfish, Ilaria, smarid and other.
The most common demersal fishes include the turbot and the goby. You can also fish mullet and whiting. For the fans of underwater fishing, the sea bass and the sparit might be of interest, as well.



Strandja is a specific ethno-cultural region, with preserved traditions and customs, local rituals and language. The diversity of cultural and historic heritage dates completes the unique spirit of the Strandja region.
Strandja is the mountain of the fire dancers. The dance with bare feet in the fire is still practiced today at the day of the Saints Constantine and Elena. To whiteness this breathtaking mystique ritual, many guests and tourists arrive at the villages of Bulgari and Kosti.

Discover the delicious bio fruits and vegetables, the fresh sea fish and a unique part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage! Visit one of the most sacred Thracian cult objects, the sacred grounds of the ritual complex Beglic Tash, only 30 km from Ahtopol!